Our Team

Cynthia Walko
Cynthia is a Certified Public Accountant and has owned and operated her accounting firm since 1995. Cynthia earned her graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Memphis. Cynthia offers clients a variety of specialized accounting services, including payroll, taxes, and consulting services.

Joyce Walton
Joyce is in charge of all the bookkeeping. She supervises all bookkeeping activities and specializes in payroll tax, account reconciliations, sales tax, business licenses, and bank reconciliations. Joyce has years of experience and enjoys her work. She has been a professional working with the firm for many years.

Ben Rogers
Ben is a staff accountant and assists with tax returns and bookkeeping and works directly with clients.  He obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting from the University of Memphis in 2017.  He has been working with the firm since December 2015.

Karley Tapp
Karley is a staff accountant and handles payroll, bookkeeping, and tax returns and assists clients.  She received her Bachelor of Accountancy from Mississippi State University in 2016 and her Master of Accountancy from the University of Memphis in 2017.  She has been working with the firm since 2016.

Part-time Professional Staff
We contract with a select group of CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers.

Spike Walko
One of the best known and loved members of the staff is our customer relations specialist, Spike.
A Registered Therapy Dog, he models for Happi Dog, a local pet treat company in his spare time. Spike has been with the firm since 2011.